Depression After Break Up – How to Deal with Depression from Breakup

How to deal with depression after break upStill depressed after breakup? If so, I am sorry for you. It’s common to get depressed in the situation like this, but don’t worry.

In this post, I will help you to learn how to deal with depression after break up.

You don’t need to regret for your past that much and you need to get hope for future.

I’ll show you how to forget your ex and feel happy in next few paragraphs.

Dealing with depression after break up –

Tip #1. Understand what the depression is –

Do you know depression is just a feeling you get when you missed something precious which seems no alternatives?

In other words, when your subconscious mind finds that you lost something of importance which you can’t get back at all, then you become depressed.

Let’s talk about Mark. Mark is a guy who desperately wants a job. He went for a job interview and got rejected. Mark won’t become severely depressed as long as his subconscious mind believes that there are other jobs in which Mark can apply.

Now what would happen if Mark applies for a job in 10 different companies and get rejections from each of them?

This time his might be depressed because his subconscious mind may believe that he can’t get a job or there are no more jobs at all.

This is very similar to a situation when a person got a breakup or faces a divorce.

When someone breaks up, they believes that they can’t find someone as good as their ex. They heartily believe that they can’t find love again because they lost their so-called ‘soul mate’.

And that is the point when depression occurs after break up. So in order to deal with breakup depression, you need to convince your mind that you have new opportunities to find a new ‘soul mate’.

Tip #2. Develop the missing skills –

If you fail in doing something then you should accept that you lack something. Winners think like this and I hope that you think so, too.

If someone starts developing his coping skills after a failure, his depression from failure fades away after a while.

In above example, if Mark finds that he lacks confidence that’s why he got rejected from job interviews, then he should join a self confidence program to cope with this weakness.

Once he does so, he gets hope that now he can get jobs. After that his depression will decrease to a great extent.

So what this has to do with depression from breakup?

Actually, you lacked some dating skills, therefore you chosen wrong person as a life-partner. You didn’t know how to attract right person from opposite sex and you ended up with someone who didn’t deserve you.

What if you develop your dating skills? Wouldn’t you find a good partner then? What if you learn how to attract right person? Would you fall in love with players then?

If you develop your dating skills, won’t you feel good by knowing that now you will find someone much better than your ex? See more Stop loving someone you can’t have.

Your depression after the breakup will gradually decrease and end after a while.

Tip #3. Burn the bridge –

If you want to forget someone then you need to burn the bridges which can lead you to your ex. In order to deal with a breakup depression, you need to make sure that there is no possibility to get back to your ex.

In starting, it may be a little difficult for you. But after a while, you will completely accept that the breakup is final and there is no way to restore the relationship.

To burn those bridges, you need to burn old photographs of your ex. Delete their texts. Get rid of their gifts (See more Get over someone you work with).

If they are involved into any new relationship, watch them together with their new partner. This is contrary to what you have been advised. However, doing so would better convince your subconscious mind that the breakup is final and you won’t be able to get your ex back.

Tip #4. Search for alternatives –  

If you are severely depressed from a breakup then I suggest you to develop your missing dating skills. Thereafter, actively search for alternatives for your ex.

Remember that depression is nothing more than a stage in which your subconscious mind believes that there is no possibility that you will get what you deeply wanted.

You wanted your ex deeply and you don’t get them back. That’s why you are depressed.

What if you get someone better than your ex? Would you be depressed in this case, too?

I am sure, you won’t. Let’s say that Mark finally get accepted for a job in his 11th interview, and this company is paying much bigger than what he was offered in those 10 different companies.

Would Mark still be depressed because he got rejections in 10 different companies…?

I think that now you’ve gotten ideal how to end depression after break up.

Want more tips?

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