Getting Over Being Dumped – How to Do It Correctly

getting over being dumpedSo you are feeling really regretful about your breakup. You want to punish your ex to treat you that way, but you are unable to do so.

And then you are searching how to get over being dumped.

We all humans make mistake. It is fine that you made a mistake by choosing a wrong person as a relationship partner.

However, wasting your time for him or her is not wise. In this post, I will show you how to forget your ex, get over the old memories and finally get over being dumped.

Getting over being dumped

  • It might not be your fault –

Right after being dumped, most people think that they are not up to standard therefore their ex dumped them.

However, it is not correct. When you understand the love psychology, you will find that your ex might dump you because he or she has a poor childhood experience.

We fall in love with someone based on our unconscious criteria which are developed throughout our past experiences.

If a girl from a rich family has been neglected by her parents, then she might develop a belief that rich people are careless. Moreover, she might develop an unconscious criterion that her partner should not come from a rich family.

Therefore, she might prefer to date someone who belongs to middle class rather than someone who belongs to elite class.

Every person has his own unconscious criteria about the potential partner. And we fall in love with someone who meets most of our unconscious criteria.

Now back to this girl. She might fall in love with a rich guy, too. But in this case, the guy must meet most of her other unconscious criteria.

Later if the guy shows careless nature towards the girl like forgetting her birthday, then she might rethink about the relationship. Furthermore, this may be a big reason for a potential breakup.

Sometimes a tiny mistake can cause a breakup.

Do you think that this guy should blame himself if the girl dumped him? Probably not.

I am quite sure that something similar happened in your case, too. Your ex might dump you based on her or his own weakness – not yours. And it might not relate to your self-esteem (see more how to get over your ex girlfriend).

  • Restore your self esteem –

Getting over being dumped depends on how easily you restore your self esteem. Being dumped is actually a rejection, and when people get rejected they feel really bad because it hurt their self-esteem.

Right after a rejection their flaws come to the surface and they think that they are being rejected because they have too many faults (See more Depression after a breakup).

As I already told you that your ex might have dumped you because she might have a poor past.

Now I want you to analyze your ex’s past and see what maybe their unmet needs. You will find that their unmet needs have been changed since they dated you.

The things which made your ex to fall in love with you a year ago is not an unmet need for them now.

For an example, if your ex met you while they were struggling for money and they are unsure about their future, then their unmet need for money and security might be changed if they have found a high-paying job which future is also secure.

In this situation, if you are unable to compensate them for their other core unmet needs they might seek a breakup.

You will find that this has to do nothing with your own faults.

  • Adopt correct beliefs about breakups –

I agree with you that breakups are always painful. But when a breakup happens then it doesn’t necessary that it was all your mistakes ( See also How to forget your ex).

As we are human beings, we tend to make mistakes. Therefore I can say that it maybe your mistake if your ex dumped you.

And in this case I can say that you made mistake when you fell in love with your ex. Your ex was not someone who can keep you happy for life.

Therefore, by breaking up with your ex you took the right step to amend this mistake.

Final thoughts about how to get over being dumped by a guy or girl

First understand that your ex might dumped you cause of their own flaws – not yours. Second if you find that your ex dumped you because of your weaknesses (but the chances are very few), then you need to take small steps to fix them.

If you hate about the fact that you are skinny, then take some steps to build muscles.

If you lack confidence in general, then take steps to build confidence.

And do the same things with the weaknesses you hate about yourself.

Remember that you don’t need to build six packs in one month. As long as you take actions to fix your flaws, your subconscious mind withdraws reminding you that you were being dumped because you were skinny.

So take small actions and get over the feelings of ‘being dumped’.

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