How to Cope With a Breakup – Coping with a Broken Heart

Coping with a broken heart

Coping with a breakup depends on your ability to lose hope to get your ex back and get hope to find love again. Confusing? Then read this post.

In order to learn how to cope with a breakup, you must get rid of your old restrictive beliefs. An example of that type of restrictive belief is ‘one has to suffer a lot to get over true love’.

I know it is a hard time for you, and you really like to cope with a breakup so that you can focus on your life.

In this post, I’ll share some tips which will truly help you to get over your breakup.

How to cope with a breakup

Tip 1. Understand how to lose hope for one thing and get hope for another thing –

Coping with a breakup depends on your ability to lose hope to get your ex back and get hope to find love again. Confusing? Yes, it is.

In my previous post, I already said that a person can’t recover completely from a breakup as long as there is a little hope to get his or her ex back.

If you are suffering from your breakup and you want to cope with it, then you must make sure that there should be no possibility to get your ex back.

Once you make sure that getting that person back is impossible, you will start feeling better.

Now it will not help you that much until you get hope that you can find love again in your life.

In my book The Master Training Kit: How to Get Over Your Ex In 14 Days, I said that most people don’t crave for a good partner, they crave for a good relationship.

And when a person finds a better partner, he or she experiences a better relationship and soon he or she forgets about his or her ex.

So, you need to get a tremendous amount of hope that you will find love again.

The population of the world is almost 6,500,000,000; therefore it is really hard to assume that you won’t find just one person out of this population.

There is a quote which better conveys the message: ‘There are plenty of fish out there and you missed just one’.

Tip 2. Cope with your shortcomings –

While searching on the internet, I came across a forum post. See below.

screenshot 1

This screenshot is taken from a forum named Pay close attention on the question of that person who asked it ( just click on the image in case it is too small to read).

This person has too much concern about his shortcomings. He is hunted by the fact that he can’t drive a car, he has gynecomastia (male breasts) and he has a little money to live.

Now prepare yourself for a psychological fact which is making you depend on your ex so much.

In above post, you see that the guy wants to forget about all his shortcomings by just getting a girl.

For him, getting a girl and having a love relationship is the key solution for all of his problems.

Also pay close attention on how many times he wrote ‘I want a girl’ and you will understand how much frustration he has by knowing the fact that he is still single.

So what this has to do with how to cope with a breakup?

Actually, we all are hunted by our shortcomings. Normally we don’t fall in love with someone whom we really love.

Most of us fall in love with a person who can help us to cope with our shortcomings, failures and flaws.

Without any doubt, this type of relationship ends in a breakup.

When such a relationship breaks, those shortcomings come into the surface and the breakup becomes really unbearable.

What if you deal with your shortcomings and make efforts to cope with them?

If you do so, coping with a breakup will be 10 times easier for you.

Tip 3. Take the right actions –

Right after a breakup, your thoughts become irrational. You might do something that you don’t do in normal situation. Therefore, it’s also important to take right action after the break up.

In my previous post, What to do after a breakup, I’ve told what to do and what not to do after a breakup. Just check it.

For a while you must avoid sweet poisons like listening to sad songs and searching for break up quotes.

Tip 4. You got experience

Instead of thinking that you lost something, you should think that you gained experience. And this experience will help you to choose a better life-partner next time.

Think this way and you will really decrease your worries to a great extent.

Remember that you can’t go there and buy an insurance policy against breakups.

A breakup happens because you made a wrong decision in your past. And this breakup also gives you an opportunity to fix that mistake in near future.

Now see what this wise girl says about broken heart

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