How to Forget Someone You Love – Psychology to Stop Loving Them

It's not about 'loving yourself' or 'living at present'. It's all about correcting your beliefs about break up.

It’s not about ‘loving yourself’ or ‘living at present’. It’s all about correcting your beliefs about break up.

If you are wondering how to forget someone you love the most, then the key thing to understand is what real love is.

Considering the huge comments I get in my blog, I find that most people get it really hard to forget someone they love because they really don’t understand what the love is.

They misinterpret ego as love. They misinterpret so many other things as they are love.

They make their beliefs about love from what they see and hear from movies.

And this is the real problem one gets while forgetting someone one loves.

Right after a breakup some people search for romantic quotes on Facebook.

Those sad & romantic quotes firm their wrong beliefs about love such as one can’t be happy at all if he doesn’t manage to get his old love back.

Some breakup quotes you find on Facebook can really poison your belief system and make your breakup worst.

Daily Mail, a UK based journal, proved it that Facebook delays the recovery process after a breakup. So, rest assured what I am saying is correct.

How to forget someone you love –

Tip #1. You can find love again –

The first thing you need to understand is that you can find love again. As long as you get the opportunity to meet more people, you will have the possibilities to find love again. Furthermore, you can find a better partner this time because you have learnt some lessons from your old relationship.

Tip #2. Get rid of false beliefs –

There are so many false beliefs which are taking you down to forget someone you love.

a) Suffering is a part of getting love –

If you think this way, you might have been fooled by watching movies in which you see that actors suffer a lot to get true love. The reality is far from it. You can find true love without suffering from it. It depends on how you understand the love.

b) You can get true love once in life –

As I already said that you had the opportunity to get love as long as you met new people. The meaning of true love is different for each of us.

If you believe that true love means the solution to all your problems, then you have another false belief about love.

c) We don’t fall in love based on our own choices –

This is somewhat true, but not complete truth about love. In my training material ‘The Master Training Kit: How to Get Over Your Ex In 14 Days’ I said that we fall in love with someone based on our past, our unmet needs and the timing that person enters in our life.

Falling in love with someone is not a random process which can’t be predictable. Once you understand this concept, you can manage to fall in love with someone who will be a better mate for you.

Therefore, the process to forget someone will be less suffering for you.

Tip #3. Get the correct beliefs about love –

As you know what wrong beliefs you have about love, you also need to understand what the correct things about love are.

a) It is fine to suffer a little bit after a breakup –

Okay, it is completely normal to suffer a little bit from a breakup. When we used to something, we regret when we lost it.

Now you just lost your loved one, therefore it is completely logical to regret and feel sad a little bit.

But if you are suffering a lot from a breakup, then rest assured that you are exposed to negative media which are making you to suffer a lot.

b) Feeling of love is based on chemicals –

Lots of Researches have shown that we experience the special feeling of love because some chemicals are released when we meet someone who matches our criteria of a potential partner.

If you haven’t felt the special feeling of love from a long time then it just means that you haven’t managed to find someone who matches your criteria of love. Therefore, those chemicals haven’t released yet.

Most common mistake why some people fail to get over someone they love –

There are so many inferior suggestions to forget an ex all over the internet. Those advice just lead to a person back to square one.

There are some user generated sites where anyone can create a page about any topic. I find that some clueless people are creating pages on the topic ‘how to forget your ex’ and they are giving simple advice like ‘love yourself’ or ‘live in present’.

People who read those pages become more confused, because if ‘loving oneself’ or ‘living in the present’ would be that simple then he wouldn’t have searched for ‘how to forget someone you love’.

Understand the psychology –

If someone is unable to love himself then understand that he hasn’t managed to meet some of his core unmet need and that is making him to hate himself. You can’t love yourself by repeating phrase like ‘I love myself’. Instead, you need to do things to meet your core unmet need.

Second, the person who find it too hard to live in present is the one who lost something precious. He dwells over past, just because his subconscious mind believes that he missed something which is impossible to get in future.

For an example, what if you lost a gold coin somewhere? Do you dwell over past? Yes, you will, because gold is precious.

Now what if you have 1000 gold coins and you missed just one of them.

Do you dwell over your mistake in this case, too? Probably not.

What about you?

Do you live in present? Or do you spend most of your time dwelling over past?

You think about your past so much because you lost something precious which is your EX.

If you make your subconscious mind believe that you missed just one partner out of many and you can get other life partners, then forgetting someone you love would be easier.

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