How to Get Over a Girl Or Guy You See Everyday

how to get over a girl you see everyday

You might not be able to get over someone you see everyday if you make the same mistakes you have been making till now. Getting over someone you see daily is really tough.

Most sites out there teach you that you should stay on ‘no contact’ rule to get over your ex.

However, if you have to see your ex girl or guy everyday, then those websites won’t tell you what to do in this case.

In my previous post, how to get over someone you work with, I talk a lot about how to handle that situation. In this post, I talk further about this similar situation.

When you try to get over someone you see everyday, you have to face below obstacles:

  1. Whenever you see your ex, old memories come to your mind and make you feel really bad about your current situation.
  2. If your ex seems happy, it hurts your ego and it makes the breakup more painful. You further think that your ex is happy without you, and you are such a poor person who is still suffering from the breakup. You want to see your ex unhappy, however they are happy.
  3. In some situation, it is impossible not to communicate with your ex. For an example, if you both study in the same college and in the same class and the professor gives an assignment which you need to complete with your ex then you have to talk to them. Here you can’t apply the ‘no contact’ rule; therefore you think that getting over that person is really impossible.

So how to get over a girl or guy you see everyday

Tip – 1. We normally get what we focused on –

Can you please take a moment and close your eyes and think about the black items on your room? Do not look out from this computer screen. Just close your eyes and think about the black items. Do it for a minute.


How many items you counted?

Now I want you to take a look of your room for two minutes and count again black items with closed eyes.


How many items you counted this time?




I know the number is bigger than the previous time.

You see your room every day. You may have been living in this room for years, yet just two focused minutes helped you to count more black items in the same room.

Do you know why you were able to count more black items in second time? It is because you get what you focused on.

If you can’t get over your ex because you see them every day then this is just a limiting belief which is stopping you to forget your ex.

Tip – 2. Break the anchors –

If you have been a student of biology, you have been heard the Classical Conditioning theory of Biologist Ivan Pavlov.

In his experiment, he rang a bell before giving food to his dog. After a while, he found that the dog had developed an anchor with the bell.

Whenever the dog heard the bell, it started imaging about food and salivation started in its mouth.

Pavlov kept continuing the experiment. Later, he kept ringing the bell without giving food to the dog. After a while, dog disassociated the bell with food.

In other words, it broke the anchor with ring of bell. And then salivation stopped while it hear the bell.

So what does this has to do with how to get over someone you see everyday?

Actually, you have also built so many anchors with your ex. It might be the canteen/college/office in which you have spent time with them or it might be their gifts which still remind you about them.

People email me and ask wherever they go; a lot of things remind them about their exes.

My simple response to them is that they have built so many anchors with their exes. In order to get over an ex, they have to break those anchors.

So how can you do that?

Answer is simple. You just need to disassociate anchors with your ex. Just don’t think about your ex while the anchor is present. Soon you will find that those anchors are not affecting you.

For an example, if the canteen or library of your college reminds you about your ex then don’t think about your ex while you are in the canteen or library.

In the starting, it may be a little difficult for you. However, after a while you will find that those anchors are not upsetting you that much.

Tip – 3. Take the help of positive media –

Instead of listening to sad songs while you are going thought a breakup, you should listen to positive songs to get over your ex. However, there are very few songs in this category, but there are few.

Listen to the below song and it will really help you.

I am eager to hear your thoughts on the comment section.

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