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get over some fastSo you want to get over someone very fast, but you are unable to do so.

Probably you do something based on your own experience to get over that person like ‘keeping yourself busy at work’.

But you find that advice like ‘keeping yourself busy’ or ‘time will heal all wounds’ haven’t helped you yet.

Probably you are hunted by old memories which are causing you insomnia. I also assume that you have been searching for sad breakup quotes and this action is making your more depressed after break up.

Do you want hope for future? Do you want to forget that person and feel happy? If so, you need to clear your mind from the low quality advice you have read on the other sites and then follow the below tips:

How to get over someone fast

#1. The sooner you accept the breakup the sooner you get over from it –

If you want to get over someone fast, you need make your subconscious mind to accept the breakup as soon as possible.

Actually, your subconscious mind doesn’t think that the breakup is final and it’s trying to find a way to fix the breakup and get that person back so that you can be happy once again.

If you feel very bad whenever you see that person, then it is a method of your subconscious mind to motivate you to talk to that person and convince them to get back with you.

In fact your subconscious mind wants to make you feel happy by getting that person back( see more in The Master Training Kit).

It wants to help you, but it has been trying from a wrong direction.

So, once you fully convince your subconscious mind that the breakup is final, it will try to find other ways to keep you happy and then you will start getting over someone the right way.

So how can you convince your subconscious mind that the breakup is final?

To do so you can delete the messages or photos of that person from your mobile and desktop.

It will send a clear message to your subconscious mind that you are not interested in getting that person back and you want to get over them.

Your subconscious mind will soon work in your favor.

# 2. Get over being dumped –

I find that some people feel being dumped and it doesn’t justify with their personality because they feel that they are the alphas.

Confident and successful people suffer more from this emotional wound. When people think that they are being dumped, then they actually delay getting over someone who left them.

To fix this issue, read my previous post how to get over being dumped.

#3. Accept that every successful people get some rejections and failures –

Getting rejections and failures is the part of life. As all successful get over them, you should get over failures and rejections.

Many television buddies rejected Oprah Winfrey because they believe that she didn’t have the kind of face which can be successful in television.

I am sure whoever rejected Oprah, they regret whenever they watch Oprah Winfrey’s show.

You need to do the same thing with the person who rejected you. You need to become more successful in your life and let that person know that they were wrong – not you.

I find a good video on famous failures, watch it. It will really help you to get over someone fast.

#4.  Listen to the right music –

If you want not to get over your ex and make your life miserable then do just one thing – keep listening to sad songs.

People who are addicted to sad and breakup songs never get over their exes fast (see more here). Listening to sad songs all day is exactly opposite of what you need to do to get over your ex superfast.

The biggest disadvantage of listening to sad songs is that it confirms your suspense that you can’t be happy without your ex.

So what you need to do instead?

I searched some songs which will help you to forget your ex and move on with your life.

Watch the first one below.


This song is empowering. You need to listen to songs like this, and avoid listening to the songs which make you more vulnerable. See more songs to get over your ex.

If you keep listening to those empowering songs, you will keep yourself motivated that there is another life after a divorce or breakup.

Moreover, doing so will solidify your beliefs that you can be happy without your ex and you should move on for good.

#5. Understand why we fall in love –

People always have a hard time getting over an ex, because they don’t understand why we fall in love with someone.

If we are single, we can fall in love with anyone who meets our subconscious criteria of love.

Every person has developed his or her own unconscious (or subconscious) criteria of love based on what he or she experienced on the past.

For an example, if a guy has 30 criteria which he wants to have in his potential girlfriend, then a girl who meets 5 of those criteria might be unattractive for him.

On the other hand, if another shows that she can meet 15 or 20 of his Love Criteria, the guy may feel very attraction towards her.

So the possibilities are unlimited. If this guy gets a girl who meets 25 of his love criteria then he will be happier than his past relationship.

Breakups happen due to poor match. If you were happy with your ex, you would not have broken up with them.

Therefore, regretting that you don’t have that person is somewhat not good.

Moreover, now you have better options to find a better partner this time.

#6 It’s not wise to torture yourself for your ex’s mistakes –

Most people are unsure about their emotions. My ex was moody, she used to treat me badly whenever she got any problems from her family (her father was ignorant to her).

Then she always tried to justify her act by giving so and so arguments.

People are normally unclear about their own emotions. That’s the reason why many people suffer a lot from negative emotions such as sadness, depression, loneliness and breakup.

So you should not think too much about why you got a breakup. It may be possible that they dumped you because of their own negative thoughts such as “fear of the unknown” “fear of commitment” and so on.

Therefore, the best thing you need to do is to stop analyzing what went wrong that much. There is no need to fantasize “What if” questions. You will always mess up things by doing this. Please stop torturing yourself. That’s it.

#7 Stop the communication with them –

If you keep the communication alive with them, you will keep the doors open for unwanted memories which will make you feel bad.

The more you remember the old memories no matter whether they are good or bad, the more you will suffer from breakup.

When you are trying to get over your ex, you need to forget about old things. So, cut the communication with your ex.

It is also good to tell them that you don’t want to talk to them because the relationship is over and you don’t want to keep any type of relationship with them. That’s it.

#Bonus Tip – Use the “Think Negative” technique (My Key Strategy) –

I developed this technique unconsciously while I was a kid. And I find that it still work in many occasions. I used this ‘Think Negative’ technique in my training material, The Master Training Kit: How to Get Over Your Ex In 14 Days.

What is “Think Negative” technique and how to use it?

When I was a kid, I always wanted my father to buy me good toys as my friends’ fathers do. However, my father’s income was not substantial to buy me expensive toys.

It always made me feel bad. One day, I thought that if my father didn’t buy something I deeply want, I could do one thing about it which would make me feel good.

And that was to think negative about the thing I didn’t get.

For an example, once I urged my father to buy me an expensive dress, and he showed me his inability to do so. Then I convinced myself that that dress was not good.

It was not worth buying. Wasting money on that dress was a foolish thing. I can enjoy other dresses which are far cheaper and better than that. The fashion of that dress will change soon. And so on.

When I am 100% sure that I won’t get something I wanted, I use ‘Think Negative’ technique. I experienced that the bad emotions soon run away after using it.

So how can you use Think Negative technique to get over someone?

You just need to use negative thinking pattern about that person as below:

  • “They were not the best person for me”
  • “They always made me feel bad”
  • “I didn’t enjoy being myself while I was with them”
  • “They were always arrogant and nagging”
  • “They were not the ideal person I wished to have a relationship with”

Et cetera.

Start thinking negative about that person and you will soon get over them.

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  • Clemxpro

    September 6, 2015

    Forgetting about someone you fell in love with and moving on sometimes can be hard but my philosophy is that when the mind is idle, irrelevant thoughts fills its space. I like your last point that says “break communication with them” yes this is very correct. I have been there before and I think the last part worked for me.

  • Ivana Milojevic

    September 6, 2015

    I have read your article. It has very useful tips for people going through this phase.

  • excellence02

    September 6, 2015

    great post…simply enlightening 🙂

  • Annie J.

    September 7, 2015

    ‘Awww’ to those who recently experienced a break-up! :/ Life afterwards can be rough, huh? But life goes on… on to bigger and better things, hopefully 😉 All the best!

  • Alex J. Stevenson

    January 29, 2016


  • Alex J. Stevenson

    February 15, 2016

    Yes, I agree with you. Unless it is a must, one must break the communication with their ex if they want to forget them.

    Thanks for your comment. 🙂

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