How to Get Over Someone Who Broke Your Heart – The Best Tips

get over someone who broke your heartGetting over someone who broke your heart is not easy at all, however, if you understand a little psychology about human nature, it will be easier for you.

We get hurt when someone broke our hearts.

But do you believe that we should feel down all time because some mad person has hurt us?

Let’s face it –

You become happy when someone praises you. You become positive when someone gives you good compliments.

And you become sad when someone says wrong things about you.

You become sad when you see that someone becomes ungrateful for the things you did for them.

So, however the life is yours, yet what you get from life solely depends on other persons around you.

In other words, you have no control over your own life. And your happiness is depends on the other persons around you.

So what is the solution of this problem?

Don’t allow others to control your own life.

Let’s consider what Eleanor Roosevelt said:

 “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

eleanor roosevelt

First off, don’t feel pity about yourself because someone broke your heart for someone else.

It is their loss to lose such a great person like you. And it is not your loss. You will find someone better than them. So there is no need to feel down about your situation. This is the first thing you should understand when it comes to learning how to get over someone who broke your heart.

Learn how to deal with rejections –

Whenever you get rejected, your own flaws come to the surface and these will make you feel bad about yourself.

We all have our own flaws. And when we get rejected, we become conscious about those flaws. Then we assume that we were rejected because of those flaws, and it hurts us badly.

For example, a girl who feels that her nose is rather big becomes obsessive and distressed about her nose whenever she is rejected.

In other words, she thinks that she gets rejection because of her big nose.

She is actually not hurt by rejection itself, instead she is worried by the flaw she connected with the rejection.

Something very similar happens to you, too.

You are not hurt by being rejected. Instead, you are bothered by your own flaws.

Do you think you were rejected because you don’t have long hair, because you’re not that good looking, or because you’re just plain ugly? Do you think they left because you don’t have a car, enough money, or whatever else?

That’s not the case. Rejection cannot bother you unless you associate your own flaws with it.

Accept the change –

We human tend to deny the change. We do it by nature. Do you know why?

It is because every change brings uncertainty.  And we are always fearful about uncertainty of future.

It is also interesting to know that you already knew that you were not getting any happiness from the relationship, yet you didn’t want to lose that relationship because you hated uncertainty about the future.

Moreover, if any big changes happen in your life, you will always want to oppose the change because if you accept the change then you have to change yourself, too.

People always want to stay in their comfort zone. When they face any change, they have to get themselves out from their comfort zone.

So the thing you need to understand is to accept the change. Be open for the new reality of your life. Remember the ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory of Charles Darwin.

quote on how to get over a guy who broke your heart

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Charles Darwin

If you can follow these two tips, you might not wonder how to get over someone who broke your heart.


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