How to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend – The Complete Guide

how to get over your ex girlfriendFacing a breakup is one of the worst things you have ever experienced.

Suddenly you find yourself in back to the square one.

In this post, I will show you how to get over your ex girlfriend by understanding the psychology.

Men tend to surpass their emotions. As I am a man, I can say that I have grown up with an unseen pressure of society that I should not express my emotions publicly, or else I will considered as weak.

However men are stronger sex, yet they are weaker to handle emotional issues. This is what you might not think, but men are weaker than women to handle emotional issues.

How to Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

 Tip #1. You need to cry a little bit –

In most of my previous posts, I say that it’s okay to cry right after a breakup. In this post, I am especially talking to men therefore my first advice to you is you need to cry a little bit. Suppressed emotions turn into depression and anger.

Men are poor when it comes to expressing emotions; therefore they depress more right after a painful breakup.

So if you haven’t expressed your sadness and other emotions till now, you should cry and express them. Give your emotions to a channel so that they can’t turn into depression and anger (see more Stages to get over someone here).

Tip #2. Take care of your masculinity –

When a man is being dumped, he thinks that his manhood is challenged. I know that you feel really bad about what you ex girlfriend did with you.

If your ex girlfriend dumped you for another guy, then it hurts more because in this case it challenges your manhood much more.

In this situation you need to fix your thoughts about masculinity. Know more about the love psychology. And you will discover that your ex might dump you because of her own weakness, not yours.

Second thing is you should not associate masculinity with a rejection from a girl. This is just her opinion not to stay in a relationship with you. And it doesn’t mean that it’s the opinion of all girls.

You may get another girl who appreciates you for what you are. I, too, get rejection from a girl, but I also find so many girls who appreciate me for what I am.

Tip #3. Accepting a breakup will take some time –

Breakups are one of the major events in one’s life; therefore one has to take some time to accept it.

For an example, if one of your close friends meet with a road accident and die in front of you, you won’t accept what happened in first few days.

The same thing happens in a breakup. Your ex girlfriend was the one who looked into your eyes and you fell in love with her. She was the one whose smiles made you smile in the past.

You both stared into each other’s eyes and talked for hours in the beginning of the relationship. And one day you find that all of these have ended because you got a breakup.

That’s why accepting a breakup is hard and most guys don’t accept it when it happens.

When it comes to know how to get over your ex girlfriend, you must understand that the sooner you accept the breakup, the faster you recover from it.

Point to be remembered:

  1. Accepting the breakup will take some time.
  2. But the sooner you accept it the faster you recover from it

Tip #4. Avoid common mistakes after a breakup-

Don’t daydream about your ex girlfriend. Don’t listen to sad songs and visualize her all the time.

What most people do after a breakup is they watch old videos with their ex, and then they discover why it is too hard to get over an ex girlfriend.

You must avoid these types of common mistakes in order to get over her soon.

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Tip #5. Share your emotions/thoughts with the like-minded guys

If you read Allan Pease’s book ‘Why Men Can Only Do One Thing at a Time and Women Never Stop Talking ’ you will find that when a man gets a problem, he cuts the communication with all his friend and close himself into a cell. Generally he tries to solve the problem himself.

However, when a woman meets a problem, she becomes eager to show it to everyone who meets her.

This is the reason why right after a breakup a woman’s social circle increase but a man’s social circle decrease.

So what you need to do is to share your emotions and thoughts with the likeminded people. Don’t cut yourself off from the friends and family members.

Right after a breakup, most people seek the source of intimacy because their ultimate source of intimacy has been removed from their lives.

If you find intimacy through friends and family members, getting over your ex girlfriend will be far easier for you.

Tip #6. Gradually stop thinking about her –

Do you know why giving up a bad habit is too hard to do? It is because people want to break the bad habit they have built in years in a few days.

For an example, if someone smokes 20 cigarettes a day then it will be too hard for him not to smoke a single cigarette next day.

Instead, if he tries to cut just one cigarette each day then giving up smoking will be far easier for him if you compare it to the first situation.

So, I don’t say that you should stop thinking about your ex girlfriend completely. It doesn’t work. However, you can minimize the amount to think about her. And later you should completely stop thinking about her.

In my training material How to Get Over Your Ex In 14 Days I say that if one repeat the phrase ‘It’s over’ whenever any thought comes about his ex, he soon starts recovering from the breakup and getting over her.

Tip #7. Don’t involve into a rebound relationship –

A rebound relationship may give a boost in your self-confidence. However, in the long term it is not a good thing.

In a rebound relationship, you always compare your ex with this new girl. Experience and research show that in most cases the ex always win the comparison.

Thereafter, you more convinced that your ex was ‘the one’. Furthermore, you will more believe that you can’t be happy without your ex girlfriend. Finally, it will be more troublesome getting over her.

Tip #8. Do exercise and increase the serotonin level –

Instead of dwelling over past, you should make a habit to do physical exercise daily. Physical exercise increases the level of serotonin which is considered as a happiness hormone.

With good mood, you will better fight with the old memories of your ex girlfriend.


Tip #9. You won’t find someone like her –

It is true that you won’t find someone like her, but it is not a point to be worried. Actually, you should be happy because you will find someone better than your ex.

Now you have a better understanding about your likes and dislikes and what you want from your potential girlfriend.

When you fall in love with your ex girlfriend, you were unaware about your needs.

Now you are very careful about your needs and wants from the relationship. Therefore, I am sure that you will find someone better than her.


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