How to Get Over Your First Love – Based On Psychology

how to get over your first loveDo you still think about your first love? Have you still been regretting about what happened in the past?

Do you still feel a lot about your first love but want to forget about them?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all these questions then this post is for you.

In this post, I will show you how to get over your first love fast.

Tip#1. Know why you feel a lot about your first love –

In most cases, people don’t forget their first love because they are missing something they deeply want in their present life.

For an example, if a guy named Carlos feels worthless cause of his criticizing parents then he might feel a lot about his first love that used to make him feel worthy.

Now you should ask a good question to yourself which is why you feel a lot about your first love? Are you missing something your first love used to provide you?

Once you get the answer, you need to take a step to get the thing you are missing right now.

In above example, if Carlos manages to get a few friends who make him feel worthy then he won’t feel that much about his ex.

Tip#2. Replace your old beliefs about love from new and correct ones –

Some people adopt incorrect beliefs about love from movies and songs. They incorrectly believe that there is only one potential mate out there, and if they miss ‘that one’ then they can’t be happy at all.

This incorrect belief makes huge impact on getting over your first love.

In my training material ‘How to Get Over Your Ex In 14 Days’ I said that ‘the soul mate’ concept is the biggest obstacle in getting over an ex.

When people break up, they think that they just lost their soul mate. I usually ask them if their ex was their soul mate then why he/she left them.

If you think that your first love was ‘the one’ or ‘soul mate’ who was made for you then why they left you.

As you believe that your ex was ‘the one’, you don’t try that much to find someone else. Therefore, you worry so much about your ex. This is how you think :-).

Tip #3. Have realistic expectations from a relationship –

When people fall in love with someone first time, they always have unrealistic expectations from love. Didn’t you expect too much from your ex?

Didn’t you hope that you will solve all of your problems by the power of ‘Love’? This is how most people think.

Some people believe that their silver bullet solution to all their problems is to find love. This is far from the reality.

If you are 29 years old and you still think about the partner who met you when you were 17 then there is huge possibility that you still have unrealistic expectations for love.

It seems that whenever someone approaches you, you think that the person is not that much attractive as your first love was.

This is the main reason why you don’t get new dates and you are still thinking about your first love.

In conclusion, you should have realistic expectations for love and your relationship partner (See more Relationship Dissatisfaction).

Tip #4. Avoid listening to sad songs which solidify the wrong belief you have about love –

Do you know why getting over someone is too hard? It is because when a person breaks up with someone, he tends to listen to sad songs for weeks.

And those sad songs unconsciously solidify the wrong belief about love he has. The more he listens to those sad songs, the more he is convinced that he can’t live without the person who broke up with him.

Moreover, he believes that he can’t replace his ex by someone else. Finally, he suffers a lot from a breakup. And breakup becomes intolerable for him (see more things to do after a breakup).

If you still trying to get over your first love then I think that you should avoid listing to sad songs.

Moreover, you should also avoid searching breakup quotes and poems. The more you search them, the more depress you become.

How to get over your first love who cheated on you?

Some people don’t get over their first love years after breaking up with them, because they ex had cheated on them.

In this case, you need to understand the psychology of forgiveness.

In one of my previous post How to get over being dumped, I said that someone wouldn’t be able to forgive another one unless he was in the strong position.

For example, you might not be able to forgive someone who beats you and is triple of your size, because you know that you might not be able to beat that person. In other words, you are in the weak position.

Now, let’s assume another scenario.  A five year old kid beats on your head with a stick. After doing this he is on your knees and apologizing for his misconduct. Will you be able to forgive him in this case? I think, you will!

When your first love cheated on you, you were in the weak position. If you are still suffering from the bad emotions because they had cheated on you, then it might be possible that you are still in the weak position.

What do I mean by weak position?

When your first love cheated on you, you were unable to teach them a lesson. That’s how you were in the weak position.

Now it seems that your first love is enjoying their life as much as they can. On the other hand, you are still single and hoping for someone to enter into your life :-). That’s how you are still in the weak position.

So what can you do right now?

The simple answer is you need to be in the strong position.

It seems that you are somewhat not good with flirting with opposite sex. Develop your skills to flirt with them. Learn how to talk to opposite sex. And when you have more guy friends and girl friends consequently, you will not feel bad about why your first love cheated on you.

In this case, your subconscious mind will understand that you have more friends which can replace your first love.

Do you ever get over your first love?

At the end of this post, I have this question for you. Now, do just two things. First, leave a comment below and let me know whether you have ever got over your first love. Second, click on the below link and watch how can you get over your ex in this free video presentation of my The Master Training Kit.


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    August 9, 2015

    Hello! Your website is cute, and I appreciate that your advice is realistic.

  • Alex J. Stevenson

    August 11, 2015

    Thanks for your compliment :-).

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  • Nitin

    June 7, 2016

    Nice article. It’s really helpful thanks.
    I wish you should write something on “how to forget married women when young guy fall in love with married women”.

  • Alex J. Stevenson

    June 14, 2016

    Thanks for your advice, however website is for those who wants to forget someone they loved in the past.
    Anyway, I have a short answer for you. In case, you fall in love with a married woman, it is very likely that she meets your love catalog more accurately.
    That means that your subconscious mind is looking for someone whose personality is very similar to her or at least who looks similar to her.

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