How To Know If It’s Time To Break Up – You Might Not Know These Signs

how to know if it's time to break upPeople experience a great level of happiness when they involve into a relationship. However, when a relationship turns into a source of depression and sadness, then it is worth leaving.

No relationship in the world is ideal, every relationship has some fights and arguments.

But when you find that you are getting only pain from the relationship, then, rest assured that you are in a wrong relationship.

So, here are the best tips on how to know if it’s time to break up with your significant other.

1) Your partner treats you badly –

Does your partner treat you badly every day? If so, then, you are either in a wrong relationship or your partner has developed a new relationship.

Treating your badly is a sure sign that they wants a breakup. However, they are afraid of the society.

If they break up normally, then the society might say that your partner was not able to sustain the relationship. Therefore, they make it more logical by treating your badly.

If your partner treats you badly and you return the same, then breaking up with you become more logical. Now, they have a logical reason to break up with you.

2) They normally shout at you without any reasons –

Does your partner often shout at you without any reason whatsoever? If so, then they might be seeking a reason to breakup with you.

When you understand the psychology of this behavior, you will understand that they are doing this because they want to take revenge from you.

Let’s understand it. Your partner believes that they are not happy because you are not giving them the pleasure of the relationship. In other words, they are unhappy because of YOU.

So they want to make you unhappy because you are the “reason” for their unhappiness.

To do this, they shout at you without any reason. However, they are unaware about this.

3) They often praise someone of the opposite sex in front of you –

Do they often praise someone of the opposite sex in front of you? If so, they believe that you are not their ideal partner they wished.

By doing this, they are unconsciously telling you that they want to start dating someone else – not you. This is also a sign that they are losing interest in you.

4) Minimal communication –

If your partner is minimizing their communication with you, then it is possible that they are getting hurt in the relationship, too.

People love to communicate with them whose presence makes them happy. On the other hand, they avoid communicating the ones whose presence makes them unhappy.

And if your partner is not happy with you, then they are probably seeking a breakup.

it's time to break up

5) They always blame the relationship for what they are not able to achieve –

Did this ever happen to you? You just started communicating with your partner and they started blaming the relationship for their unaccomplished desires.

If so, then they are unconsciously telling you that those unaccomplished desires are more important for them than the relationship.

And they want break up so that they can have those desires become accomplished ( see more Relationship Dissatisfaction).

6) They always claim that they made many sacrifices for the sake of the relationship –

This is another way of justifying that they want a breakup. Actually, your partner wants to convince themselves that they should get a breakup.

Breaking up with someone is a big decision; therefore, your partner wants to fully convince themselves and also, their subconscious mind that they should break up with you.

If your partner claims so many times that they made many sacrifices for the relationship, then, they are actually telling you that they had tried enough to manage the relationship. But it was not working for them. So they want break up.

signs to break up

7) They secretly have developed another relationship –

If your partner secretly has developed another relationship, then it will become clear to you that they have lost their interest in you – and, there’s somebody else who has piqued their interest.

If you are wondering how to know if it’s time to break up, then rest assured that it is the best time to break up.

You really deserve someone better, especially one who is not a cheater (See more how to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you)

8) They usually say that they are not happy with you –

It is one of the surest signs to break up. If your partner is consistently telling you this, then, they probably mean it.

They have acknowledged the fact that they are not happy in your relationship. And they want happiness from their relationship.

So they are trying to tell you about this phrase so that you should change your actions to make them happy.

Now the decision is yours. So, you should either change yourself completely or leave the relationship.

9) Your heart says that you won’t become happy as long as you are in this relationship –

Have you been suppressing your inner voice for a long time? Do you know, in the deepest places of your heart, that you can’t become (or remain) happy in your relationship?

If your answer is yes to these two questions then, you should forget the other signs you read in this post and break up with your partner.

Normally, true happiness comes when you follow your inner voice. And if your inner voice is telling you that it’s not the relationship you should be in, then, you should leave the relationship.

Now, it’s time to break up with your partner – become prepared for this, it’s going to be O.K.

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