How to Recover From a Breakup Quickly – Tips for Guys and Girls

How to Recover From a BreakupIf you are searching “How to recover from a breakup”, you can end your search here. After finishing this post, you will feel much better :-).

We all know that breakups cause depression, too. People become depressed because they are uncertain about their future. People lose hope for the future.

They don’t know what comes next. As they are afraid of their future, they want to get back to their old and painful relationship.

However, you are fortunate enough to land on this page. Here you will learn the strategies to fix your future uncertainty and recover from a breakup quickly.

How to Recover From a Breakup

Step #1. Kill hopes –

Do you know why it is hard to get over a relationship quickly?

It is because whenever you start to get over your ex, you still hope that somehow you will get your ex back and live the life happily as much as you lived in the starting of the relationship.

This little hope kills whatever you’ve done to get over your ex. As long as hope is presence, you can’t get yourself out from this cycle of breakup and patch up.

So the key point you can take from here is that you should kill those small hopes to get your ex back. Be 100% sure that there is no way to get back to your ex and reconcile the old relationship.

When you are trying to get over your ex, then don’t hope for getting back to your ex whenever you see some positive responses from the other side.

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Your ex might be a manipulative person. And he/she might take you back just to dump you later. Therefore, you need to kill hopes to get your ex back.

Step #2. Control your subconscious mind –

Stop thinking about your ex. This is how you need to control your subconscious mind.

Our subconscious minds work amazingly. They always try to do their best to motivate us to do the things which are good for us.

Depression is a message sent by your subconscious mind just to motivate you to do something to get back the precious thing you lost (See more How to deal with depression after a breakup).

In a breakup, the depression you see is just a message from your subconscious mind that you are not happy because you lost something precious (which might be your ex or the relationship).

In order to make you happy, your subconscious mind motivates you to get the thing back you lost (in a breakup, it wants the relationship back).

So, how can you control your subconscious mind?

You can do it by convincing your subconscious mind that you can find someone else and you are better off without your ex.

Whenever your subconscious mind tries to think about the old relationship, push it and direct it from thinking something else.

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Off course, it needs some conscious efforts, but it’s worth doing.

Step #3. It’s fine to make mistakes in life –

When you see your ex flirting with someone else, then don’t blame yourself that you fell in love with a wrong person.

It’s completely fine to make mistakes. Furthermore, we all make mistakes as long as we live on the earth.

In order to recover from a breakup in a healthy way, you must assume that making mistake is a part of life.

Minimize your loss – As soon as you know that you made a mistake, the next step should be minimizing your loss. This is what most psychologists say.

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You have lost some of your precious months/years with your ex, now you can minimize your loss by not thinking about your ex furthermore.

By this way, you will be able to save your precious time.

Now tell me, which is better – wasting three years with your ex or wasting your whole life with your ex?

Answer above question a few times and your pain will be reduced so much.

Step #4. Your ex is getting hurt, too –

When you face a breakup then don’t assume that your ex is enjoying his/her life. Your ex is also suffering, one way or another.

Right after breakups, most people suffer not because they love their ex so much. They suffer just because they falsely assume that their ex is happy without them. And it kills their egos.

If you have been reading history books, you know that wars happen due to hurt ego.

In a relationship breakup, the key thing which hurt most is the Ego.

I can’t say exactly why your ex broke up with you. However, I am pretty sure about one thing that is your ex is also hurting even if he/she has involved into a rebound relationship.

Consider this fact and the recovery from the breakup will be easier for you.

Step#5. Develop missing skills –

In my training material, The Master Training Kit: How to Get Over Your Ex In 14 Days, I said that fixing your major life areas would help you to recover faster after a breakup and it would prevent you from falling into another unhealthy relationship.

Do you know we search complementary traits in our potential partners?

A girl who lacks self confidence might crave for a guy who has self confidence.

There is nothing wrong with this. But if you completely depend on someone who can cope with your weaknesses then you might fall into a bad relationship.

As you are trying to recover from a breakup, you know that you fell into a bad relationship.

Therefore, if you develop the missing skills to fix your flaws and turn your weakness into strength, then it will be far easier for you to recover from a breakup.

How long does it take to recover from a bad breakup?

It is highly depends on how early you replace your old beliefs about love from the new and true ones.

One common false belief about love is that there is only one potential partner out there, and if you don’t manage to keep him/her happy, you won’t be happy anymore.

The true is that there are lots of potential partners out there. If you didn’t manage to keep the one then you can certainly find another one in near future.

Getting over someone really depends on how much open you are to receive new beliefs about love and breakup.

how long does it take to get over a breakup

You might have heard that love is something magical which can’t be understood.

But do you know that love is based on psychological principals?

If you spend some time to understand those principals, you would better convince your subconscious mind that you can find love again. Furthermore, breaking up with your ex won’t hurt you that much.

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