What to Do After A Breakup – The Right Things to Do

Acquire correct beliefs about love, instead of trying any escapement methods like traveling or keeping yourself busy.

Acquire correct beliefs about love, instead of trying any escapements like traveling or keeping yourself busy.

Since I created this site, I have been getting lots of emails questioning what to do after a breakup.

Actually, doing the right things right after a breakup is very important in order to get over an ex quickly.

Most people who suffer a lot from a breakup are the ones who don’t take the right steps after a breakup.

In order to reduce your pain and feel better right now, you must do below things.

What to do right after a breakup –

#1) Burn old photographs –

It might be a little hard for you to burn the old photographs of your ex, but once you do so, you will feel a lot better thereafter (See more How to feel better after a breakup).

Recovery process won’t start until you confirm your subconscious mind that getting your ex back is impossible.

what not to do after a breakup

When you burn your old photographs, your mind will receive a solid message that you don’t want to get your ex back. And then recovery process starts.

 #2) Educate yourself and get the right understandings of love –

People suffer a lot while trying to move on after a breakup, because they normally have wrong beliefs about love. They mistakenly believe what they see in soap operas happens in real world, too.

They believe that if they find their soul mates, they wouldn’t have to face any problems thereafter.

And this creates a big relationship dissatisfaction when they find that their problems are still there.

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you will get rid of your problems, weaknesses and flaws.

However, the way you see those problems will change due to some hormonal changes which happen in the beginning of a relationship.

Therefore, you need to get correct understandings of love instead of believing on the false ones and feel down all the time.

 #3) Block your ex in Your Facebook profile –

Don’t spy your ex on Facebook. One of the best things to do after a breakup is to block your ex in your Facebook profile.

This is another step to convince your subconscious mind that the breakup is final and you don’t want your ex back.

Some people spy on their ex to know what they are doing just to heal their hurt ego.

They want to see that their ex is still suffering from the breakup. However, if they find that their ex is not suffering from the breakup that much, they starts feeling bad.

So, stop doing this practice. Fix your ego yourself, instead of depending on your ex.

#4) Delete his/her number –

In my training material The Master Training Kit: How to Get Over Your Ex In 14 Days, I said that convincing your subconscious mind that the breakup is final is important to start the recovery process.

More than 80% percent people who are moving on after a breakup daydream about their ex.

They always search his/her number on their phones. They see their number and start daydreaming. They thought how they met and how he/she called them first time.

They think about the old text messages their ex sent to them. Later they wonder why it is too hard to get over a breakup.

If you still keep the number of your ex then just delete it. Also, delete all the messages he/she sent you. Make your phone free from your ex.

Moreover, you need to get rid of the gifts and chocolates your ex gave you. If you seriously want to get over your ex, you need to make your environment free from your ex. That’s it.

#5) Avoid common friends for a while –

If you want to get an ex back then you just need to take advantage of your common friends. However, if you are trying to move on after break up, you need to avoid common friends for a while.

Why do you need to avoid common friends? It is because they may become a source of news about your ex.

avoid common friends after a breakup

It may delay the breakup healing process. It may also give you more troubles while you are trying to move on.

After a breakup what not to do is as much important as what to do. So read on to discover what you need to avoid right now.

What not to do right after a break up

1) Be friends with your ex –

It’s okay to be polite with someone even if they are your ex. But if you become friends with your ex then rest assured that you are going to be hurt all the way.

If you stay friends with your ex, it will be a win-win situation for your ex – not for you. They may use or dump you whenever they want. So don’t be friends with your ex.

after a breakup

2) Don’t travel –

There are lots of so-called experts who advise you to travel after a breakup so that you can forget your ex. Do you know traveling doesn’t change your thinking pattern until you change it yourself?

Traveling is just an escapement like using alcohol to forget about your pain. Can you heal your emotional wounds by drinking more and more alcohol?

Of course not. Some people travel a lot after a breakup and they wonder why they are not getting over from their ex.

Acquiring the correct belief about the love and breakup is the key to get over someone you love.

So, make efforts to acquire those correct beliefs instead of trying any escapements.

3) Trying to make them jealous –

Don’t try to make your ex jealous. If you do so then you are in the ‘Anger’ stage of recovery. In order to heal from a breakup you need to get yourself in the ‘acceptance’ stage which comes after the ‘anger’ stage.

To know the stages of recovery, watch this two minutes short video.


Moreover, if you try to make your ex jealous, you will think a lot about your ex. And the more you think about your ex, the harder it will become to get over an ex.

So use this energy to stay focus on your goal which is to move on after a breakup completely.

4) Having any type of communication –

If you want to forget someone then, I think, there is no need to have any type of communication with him. If you work together with your ex then don’t imaging to have any type of relationship with them while you talk to them.

5) Rebound relationship –

More than 90% rebound relationships have very short life, and they don’t survive often.

A rebound relationship builds because either partners doesn’t want to suffer the pain of the breakup. Therefore, they start the relationship with the first person who makes them feel worthy (right after breakups all people feel unworthy).

Later those people discover that this is not the person they want as a life partner. So do not fall into a rebound relationship. This is also a method to escape from your real problem.

Want more tips?

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