Why Is It Hard to Get Over Someone – You Won’t Think Like This Again

why is it hard to get over a breakupYou may have been a hard time getting over someone you loved so much. But after finishing this post, you won’t think that it is too hard to get over someone you love.

I will also show you why many people find it too hard to get over a breakup and move on.

Moreover, you will know the key person who is responsible for the situation in which you find yourself not able to get over your ex.

I know I have promised something big to you, but I don’t make empty promises. Keep reading on and your fear of ‘not being able to be happy again’ will be removed after a while.

So, let’s start.

Here is a video from dailymotion. This is a 47-minutes long and good video. So, if you don’t have time to watch it completely then I urge you to bookmark this page, and come back to this page again when you have free time to watch it.

This video is not about ‘be positive’ or ‘find your blessings’, however it contains something which will help you to understand the psychological principles I want you to understand.

So watch it now…



You must watch it before reading below.




In this video, the psychologist Derren Brown kept an experiment with a group of people who have some big fears in their lives.

Derren introduce those people to a fake pharmaceutical company, which claims to develop a new and highly effective drug to cure fear. They called the drug ‘Rumyodin’ which was actually a placebo.

During the experiment, all test subjects find that they were gradually overcoming their fears. At the end, all of them overcome their fears by using the drug ‘Rumyodin’.

In last, Derren revealed that the drug ‘Rumyodin’ was actually a placebo, and they were eating simple sugar tablets.

Moreover, they got over their fears and some other problems not because of the drug; they were able to do so because of their mind.

And this is a good point to be noted.

When those people thought that their problem was incurable, they had been suffering from that for a long time.

And when they believed that a new and highly effective drug could control and cure their problems, their mind started working with them.

And then they cured their so-called incurable problem by just changing their thoughts.

You may have also heard a good quote of immortal Emerson:

“You are what you think all day long”.

So what does this have to do with why it hard to get over someone?

It is actually because you think that it is too hard to get over someone you truly love.

Once you accept the fact that getting over someone is just about replacing your false beliefs about love and break up from new and correct ones. Thereafter, it will just a matter of time to forget someone (see more Stages of getting over someone).

So how can you correct your beliefs about love?

I have developed a training material The Master Training Kit: How to get over your ex in 14 days. By the help of this training material you can easily fix your wrong beliefs about love. And then it will be 10 folds easier for you to get over anyone you love.

Who is making you not to forget your ex?

In the starting of this post, I said that I would let you know the main person who is making your breakup really hard. Do you know who this is?

That person is You my dear friend. You are making yourself not to forget that person you loved. Actually you are making mistakes by reading breakup quotes and doing other things to make your situation more miserable. Think about Derren’s experiment!


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